Luxury AF Picnic Business Makes 5-Figures in 6 Months: “Using the Picnic Business Academy”

Luxury AF Picnic Business Makes 5-Figures in 6 Months: “Using the Picnic Business Academy”

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Desi & Hills are just a couple of girls who have an obsession with curated designs, swoon over chef-inspired food, love bringing people together, collaborating with some bomb local businesses, and having a good time too!

They created Pop Up Picnics KC as a socially distanced solution to quarantine boredom. With an extra af twist. We specialize in styled, customized picnics- a luxury outdoor social experience.

Each of our picnics tells a story—a story of people, places, and exquisite food.

Desi & Hills picnic business academy owners

Since Desi & Hills launched their picnic business in March 2021, these ladies have brought in a little more than $30,000 in 6 months. About 80% was pure profit.

These ladies have created 100+ picnics including some secured for 2022’s season.

If this momentum has “opened your mind to starting a new business” but you don’t know where to start… Well, you are in the right place. The ladies of Pop Up Picnics KC bring you their very own Picnic Business Academy and are here to teach you how to launch your very own LUXE AF picnic business and land your first client using the same methodology we did! Basically, we did all the hard work for you because we want to see you succeed and have fun too! 

I can't express how much I enjoy working with new and established picnic entrepreneurs.  Now is the time to start your own business in this "up and coming" industry and I know you can do it!  

If you need more guidance on how to start your luxury picnic business, we offer an eBook to help you open efficiently and quickly.  You can get your copy by clicking here (by the way, it's on sale now!)

Picnic business academy e book

Here’s the link to download your very own copy now!

Join our supportive community of picnic entrepreneurs on Facebook! Here's the link to Picnicpreneurs Unite Facebook Group!  See you there :)  

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