Do You Need A Permit For A Picnic Business

Do You Need A Permit For A Picnic Business

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So, you just started your Luxe AF picnic business and you are wondering if you need a permit to host picnics in certain locations, and we’re here to answer your questions.

In order to conduct business in certain cities, parks, and beaches, in 90% of the situations, you will need to get a “special activities” permit for every single picnic you host.

Every park, every state, and every county have different regulations and prices, so you need to contact your local, Parks & Recreations department to get the right information.

In some states and parks, a permit is not required if you host small events with less than 10 people.

Picnic at the lake

We actually got kicked out of the lake in the photo above. We were stopped by a park ranger who advised us we were in violation and needed a permit. We accidently told the Ranger that we were having an "event" that is a BIG NO NO Word!

How To Obtain A Permit For Your Picnic Business

First, you want to contact you local Parks & Recreations department and tell them exactly what you are doing. Basically, you are setting up a picnic in the park so loved ones can have a family gathering less than 10 people (this is not considered an event) it is considered a family gathering in the park which should be perfectly fine just as long as you are not selling tickets to the general public (which you are not). Ask the Parks & Recreation Department exactly what they need from you.

Each State and even County land like lakes have different regulations, so it’s important to have a conversation with the person directly in charge of the permits in the state you operate in. They will let you know what forms you need to fill out, how much it will cost, and what rules you need to follow.

Document everything, write down your conversations, the names of the people you spoke with. This way you’re making sure that later on if you have a problem, you have everything documented.

Depending on the location you’ll need to have commercial general liability insurance.

It can take between 10-20 days to obtain a permit. For the sake of your clients’ bookings, always ask for a two weeks’ notice to give time for you to apply for applicable permits and for the permits to be accepted. You can still do last minute bookings, but for backyard picnics, indoors, or at a private venue location.

It’s important not to get discouraged, just keep going and look for more locations.

Luxe AF Picnic on the farm

I can't express how much I enjoy working with new and established picnic entrepreneurs.  Now is the time to start your own business in this "up and coming" industry and I know you can do it!  

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